‘Not me trying to memorize this’: Waffle House worker exposes the jelly packet ‘hieroglyphics’ used to track your order

In a viral video, a Waffle House employee explains how the restaurant’s staff communicates customer orders using condiment packets and pieces of cheese, bread, ham, and pickles.

In a TikTok posted on Sept. 22, Magick (@magick_the_hippie) responded to a request from a commenter asking him to show viewers how “the packets of condiments tell [servers] the order.”

Magick takes viewers through more than 25 condiment configurations to communicate how someone wants their eggs done (using a jelly packet), what type of waffle they’ve ordered (using packaged butter), and other orders. As Magick shows, it’s all about the placement on the plate.

On Thursday, Magick’s video had almost 5 million views.

@magick_the_hippie Replying to @thatbeardedchefdude I always tell people its like @Waffle House hieroglyphics 🧇❤️ ##fyp##foryou##wafflehouse##wafflehouseshenagins##wafflehousecheck##goodmorning ♬ original sound – Magick

In a TikTok message to the Daily Dot, Magick said that it took him “some time” to memorize all the condiment placements and symbols.

“It’s like learning hieroglyphics for Waffle House,” Magick told the Daily Dot. “But it’s all about repetitiveness.” He said that the system is taught at all Waffle House locations.

As a Waffle House employee of nine years, Magick said he enjoys making videos about his job to give everyone a “look on the inside of how it all works.”

“That the videos I have made really showed people the good side of Waffle House,” Magick told the Daily Dot. “We get a bad [rap].” That said, Magick says he wishes the restaurant chain would acknowledge him for the videos he makes about them.

Commenters are appreciative of Magick’s inside looks at Waffle House, though.

“This is absolutely impressive,” @thatbeardedchefdude commented. “@Waffle House y’all need to give my guy a raise!”

“U got take whole week of training to learn this,” @delrose08 wrote. “My brain could never.”

“Not me trying to memorize this like I’m going to be tested later,” @lovevictor98 commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Waffle House via contact form.

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