Pokémon SV Guide – How to Get Palafin

After 25 years of Pokémon, we finally get to meet a DOLHIN Pokémon! In this Pokémon SV Guide, we’ll let you in on how to get Palafin.

Who is Palafin?

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In order for you to finally get a Palafin, you need to catch its base form, Finizen.

Finizen is the “Dolphin” Pokémon that is a water type which makes it weak against grass and electric types.

Its Pokedex on Scarlet states: ” It likes playing with others of its kind using the water ring on its tail. It uses ultrasonic waves to sense the emotions of other living creatures”. While on the Violet Pokédex, it states: “Its water ring is made from seawater mixed with a sticky fluid that Finizen secretes from its blowhole.”

Palafin evolves from Finizen and is a little tricky to do since you’ll need PALS for it to work.

Where to find Finizen?

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The Dolphin Pokémon debuts in the 9th gen of the game and can be found in every ocean of Paldea. You can snipe them off the beach or you can wait until your Koraidon or Miraidon can be taken into the water which is right after beating your third Titan Pokémon.

How to get Palafin?


Ziggy Chavez ·

Ziggy Chavez ·

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How to get Palafin will require PALS… Literally. This means you will need to play with your friends by joining a Union Circle, the yellow-colored area in Pokémon Centers. After joining locally or online, all you have to do is to level your Finizen up to 38.

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Once you reach level 38, Finizen will prompt that it’s going to evolve into a Palafin. Take note that Palafin has the ZERO TO HERO ability and will transform into its HERO form where it stands up and looks a muscular.

With a coop way of evolving, Finizen and Palafin are sure to make you have a great time with friends. Lots of adventures are headed your way as you explore the region of Paldea by yourself or with peers. Make sure to check out ClutchPoints Gaming for guides like this Pokémon SV Guides – How to Get Palafin to make the best out of the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. Best of luck, trainers!

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