AEW’s Tony Schiavone takes a shot at.. MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki?

Tony Schiavone has worked a lot of jobs over his professional broadcasting career. He’s worked called wrestling, sure, with his current role with AEW just the latest of his high-profile gigs, but he’s also called minor league baseball games, had podcasts, and even famously worked at Starbucks, as Britt Baker let the world know on Dynamite, but one job Schiavone reportedly won’t do is provide analysis on a dog show, as he explained to his fans on Twitter.

“An “analyst” for the National Dog Show?” Schiavone asked. “If I ever become a dog show analyst…then shoot me.”

Dang Schiavone, why do you have to send a stray Steve Kornaki’s way on Thanksgiving, no less? What did the MSNBC National Political Correspondent ever do to you? Now, it’s impossible to know if Schiavone is simply joking about his hatred for the concept of a “National Dog Show” analyst or if he just genuinely doesn’t understand that NBC is being cheeky with having their election whiteboard specialist do a parody of his usual task immediately after the midterms for a much-different though no less polarizing race.

Or, hear me out on this one, could Schiavone be a secret Bailey fan who doesn’t like that she’s all the way back at #5 when she’s clearly the top dog? If you don’t like the results of a poll, blame the pollster, not the candidate, am I right? Either way, Schiavone had better not tune into Sunday Night Football on NBC moving forward, as Kornacki has been known to pull out his whiteboard-based probability calculators on that show from time to time, too, as the fans – especially Mom fans – just can’t seem to get enough of the khaki-clad commentator.

Tony Schiavone once talked on his pre-AEW Starbucks gig.

So, Schiavone’s new rivalry with Kornaki begs one question: why did Schiavone work at Starbucks in the first place? He’s a professional commentator who began working in wrestling during his late 20s; why did he have to work at Starbucks when his second run in WCW came to an end? Well, fear not, for he actually talked on that very topic of the Why It Ended podcast a few years back, as transcribed by Ringside News.

“I started working for Starbucks because I had some extra time. Not because I was desperate and needed money but I love Starbucks and I had extra time on my hands and I thought, ‘You know what, I’m gonna give it a shot.’ And I did it for 15 months and thoroughly enjoyed it and you know what the hell?”

“I mean look, Tony Schiavone never ever, never ever shied away from doing work. I always rolled up my sleeves and worked harder than anybody and the fact that you’d see me at Starbucks working the window or mopping the floors or whatever, what the hell? Why not? So I really enjoyed it for 15 months then I got so busy with the Georgia Bulldogs and doing baseball and then started doing the podcast and doing appearances and things like that that I just told Starbucks ‘I just don’t have time for it, I’m sorry.’”

“But the fact that you know that somebody says, ‘Oh Tony went to work at Starbucks because he’s desperate.’ No, Tony went to work for Starbucks because he always wanted to give it a try and he had some time to do it.”

So there you go, Schiavone decided to get a job at Starbucks because he just… sort of… wanted to. This was before AEW was a thing, and with a relatively open schedule, he gave it a go until he didn’t have time to anymore. Considering Starbucks provides great benefits to their employees, it sounds like Schiavone did what he needed to do, even if being a dog show analyst is one line he won’t cross.

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