Dan Campbell roasted as Lions make a mess of loss to Bills

After turning in a surprisingly strong effort through the first three quarters of their annual Thursday afternoon football game on Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions fell apart in a spectacular way down the stretch, allowing the Bills to march their way down the field 48 yards in just 21 seconds to kick the game-winning field goal with just two seconds to go. While the Lions deserve credit for being a tough out against one of the preseason Super Bowl favorites, making some folks believe that they could actually extend their wins streak to four, in the end, Detroit’s head coach Dan Campbell was unable to keep hope alive and ultimately watched their foes march down the field and secure the win.

Needless to say, fans had plenty of opinions on the Lions’ letdown, and they took to Twitter to roast up Cambell like a right-proper Thanksgiving turkey.

Dam Cambell got roasted for the Detroit Lions’ ugly loss.

On paper, Tashan Reed, a Raiders beat writer for The Athletic, is correct, while Campbell has a fun demeanor in his post-game press conferences, not to mention his appearance on Hard Knocks, he opted to take a timeout with 32 seconds to go before Jared Goeff attempted a failed deep pass to DJ Chark on third-and-one and then kicked the game-tying field goal with half a minute left on the clock. While it’s never fun to play for a tie, it’s worse to play for a loss, and by giving the ball back to the Bills’ offense, they effectively did just that.

After watching the Lions remain competitive deep into the second half, the Bill Simmons of The Ringer decided to set up a poll asking “How will the Lions F this up?” There was an option for “Dumb Goff pick,” another for “Drive-saving PI,” a “Crushing Fumble” choice, and even a fourth for “Nope they’re winning this,” which actually got the plurality of the votes. Unfortunately for Simmons, none of his options proved true, which he lamented in a follow-up retweet.

Did Cambell “go into a coma,” maybe from eating a bit too much Turkey? Technically no, but his decision-making certainly played a role in his team’s defeat.

Pat Leonard, a Giants beat writer for the New York Daily News, got in on the fun as well, suggesting that Campbell’s efforts won’t be taught in coaching clinics next spring. If anything, maybe Campbell should pursue some additional clinical study on time management, should he remain in place as the team’s head coach, of course.

And last but not least, we have a comment from Matt Parrino, a Bills beat writer for Syracuse.com. An expert on the Bills, Parrino detailed how the Lions didn’t get the timeout, then maddeningly threw the ball deep on third and one before kicking a field goal with 23 seconds left on the clock.

Did the Lions lose their game to the Bills solely because of Campbell’s poor decision-making? No, not solely; the Bills did a very good job of getting down the field in a hurry at the end of the game, and their coach, Sean McDermott, deserves credit for putting together a decisive drive. Still, in the end, the Lions could have just run the ball on third and one, forced the Bills to defend them for three more plays, and even if it resulted in a trip to overtime, that would have been a better result than dropping a stunner with four seconds left to play.

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