Who stars with Jason Watkins in Channel 5 series, when it’s on and how many episodes there are

The Catch is a new psychological thriller coming to Channel 5.

Based on the critically acclaimed 2020 book of the same name by TM Logan, the new series concerns a man whose life is turned upside down when a “dark secret” from his past returns to haunt him.

Starring Jason Watkins (McDonald and Dodds, The Crown, Line of Duty), Poppy Gilbert (Chloe) and Cathy Belton (Miss Scarlet and the Duke, Red Rock), the new series is set to hit our screens very soon.

But when is The Catch on Channel 5, what’s it about, and how many episodes are there? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Channel 5’s The Catch about?

The Catch: Episode 2 Ryan and Abbie on Kerrick Point - a tender moment
Ryan and Abbie on Kerrick Point in The Catch (Photo: Channel 5/Paramount Images)

The Catch stars Watkins as Ed Collier, a man on the edge, and Belton as his wife, Claire, who are struggling to get their lives back on track after the loss of their son.

The fisherman’s life is turned upside when a secret from his past returns to haunt him. This coincides with the arrival of his daughter’s new boyfriend, Ryan, who Ed believes is up to no good.

Secrets and lies are soon revealed as Ed starts to dig deeper into Ryan’s life and his past.

“As his determination to solve the mystery veers dangerously into obsession, the stage is set for a chilling climax leaving both Ed and Ryan’s lives hanging in the balance,” reads the logline.

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The book has been adapted by writer Michael Crompton, who is best known for his work on shows including Safe House, The Holiday and more.

When is the Catch on Channel 5?

The Catch begins on Channel 5 on Wednesday 25 January at 9pm.

How many episodes of The Catch are there?

The Catch: Episode 1 Ed and Claire on the beach
Ed and Claire on the beach in The Catch (Photo: Channel 5/Paramount Images)

There are four episodes of The Catch in total.

Who stars in The Catch?

The full cast of The Catch is as follows

  • Jason Watkins as Ed
  • Cathy Belton as Claire
  • Poppy Gilbert as Abbie
  • Aneurin Barnard as Ryan
  • Brenda Fricker as Phyllis
  • Ian Pirie as Bob
  • Morgan Palmeria as George
  • Jade Jordan as Katz
  • Cameron Jack as Craig
  • Menyee Lai as Pauline
  • Jacob Hickey as Josh
  • Tracy Wiles as Detective Nott
  • Karl Hogan as Baxter
  • Paul Sparkes as Wayne Pendrick

What has the team behind The Catch said about the series?

Speaking about his character, Ed, Watkins said: “Ed hasn’t got a clear brain because he’s got all these pressures, this emotional stuff, very real emotional stuff in the past and still in the present. So his thought processes are not perfect. He makes a lot of bad mistakes because he’s under pressure to deal with financial difficulties, the loss of their first child and the fear of losing their present child to someone else.

“And all these things are piling on top of us. He’s often just banging his head against the wall because he can’t see clearly.”

He added: “It’s a thriller and an emotional family drama at the same time.”

“The great hook in this is the past and how it has haunted these characters and their environment,” he added.

“Unless we deal with it, unless we heal it, it will infect us, and that’s what’s so sophisticated about this thriller. It’s so well emotionally drawn.”

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