X-Pac reflects on why RAW is so special to his WWE career

Though he’s technically an active wrestler, as he’s been working GCW shows from time to time, X-Pac was one of the WWE legends who were honored at RAW XXX, where he took part in a segment with DX. When asked about his history at RAW following his big event, X-Pac walked down memory lane with a particularly talkative Byron Saxton.

“I wasn’t on the very first RAW, but my match where I beat Razor (Ramone) was, like, the first real moment on RAW,” X-Pac said. “The biggest moment of my career ever, like the most important moment of my career bar none, like, nothing even comes close.”

When asked about his return to RAW following his defection to WCW, X-Pac lit up.

“Yeah, the night after WrestleMania 14, in Albany, New York, X-Pac confirmed. I was nervous, you know, Vince was like, ‘they’re expecting something big from you, go and give it to them,’ and I was like… okay, that makes me feel.” Asked if he felt any pressure, X-Pac responded with a laugh. “Yeah, so I managed to pull it out on that one.”

While he isn’t the first star people think of when discussing RAW, X-Pac pointed out that he has been part of some pretty significant moments in the show’s history.

“Yeah, like the invasion, when we invaded WCW and being a part of Mick Foley when he had his moment where he beat The Rock for the WWE Title, there were so many moments, if it wasn’t my moment, I was a part of it, and I’m so grateful,” X-Pac said. “It went so quick, though, Byron. It’s, like, just a blur when I think about how fast it went.

When asked for one thing X-Pac would tell the 1-2-3 Kid about the career he had, the man born Sean Waltman got personal.

“Come on, man!” X-Pac declared. “There were a lot of things I would have done different, you know, in hindsight. (I’d just say) just enjoy it, man. And just, like, I was always fighting everything back then man, I should have taken a little bit more time to enjoy it all. Not that I didn’t man, it was the time of my life, it just could have been even funner if I let it be.”

“It was so great, every time they bring me back here, it’s like heaven. I’m on Cloud 9.”

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