Hogwarts Legacy leads in Twitch and Steam despite boycott

Despite calls to boycott the controversial game, Hogwarts Legacy became the most viewed game on Twitch and had the highest number of concurrent players on Steam for any Warner Bros game at launch.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, as well as one of its most controversial. Various people only have called for a boycott of the game, telling players to not buy it or watch any content about it. Despite this boycott, however, it would appear that Hogwarts Legacy had other plans. Let’s start with the Twitch side of the story.

On Twitch, Hogwarts Legacy reached an all-time high of 1.2 million viewers. This is the highest amount of viewers any single-player game has received on the platform. For reference, Cyberpunk 2077 reached around 1.14 million three years ago, and Elden Ring reached around 900,000. Although the number of viewers for Hogwarts Legacy has whittled down since then, it is still the third most viewed category on Twitch right now (as of the writing of this article). It is only behind Just Chatting and GTA 5, and ahead of other famous games like Valorant, Rainbow 6 Siege, and League of Legends.

On Steam, on the other hand, Hogwarts Legacy reached 423, 380 concurrent players earlier today (at the writing of this article). Concurrent players mean that these players were playing the game at the time. This is the highest for any Warner Brothers games at launch This amount is almost three times the amount that MultiVersus got, which is 153, 433 concurrent players. As of the writing of this article, the all-time peak for Hogwarts Legacy has climbed to 489, 139 players. They have beaten other famous games such as Rust, Destiny 2, and even GTA 5 in terms of an all-time peak in concurrent players in Steam.

As mentioned above, Hogwarts Legacy’s launch has been the subject of controversy and boycott. Just earlier this week, a witch hunt for content creators who were streaming the game led to some incidents of harassment. A website also launched which showed which Twitch streamers have streamed the game. It has since then been taken down by the owner.

That’s all for Hogwarts Legacy’s lead in viewers and concurrent players. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.

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