Suns get prized sharpshooter back in lineup with playoffs looming

The Phoenix Suns have built a reputation for having one of the best medical teams of any NBA franchise, so their ability to prevent fifth-year pro Landry Shamet from suffering a more serious injury than he already sustained is unsurprising.

Nonetheless, the sharpshooter has been out since Jan. 16, and his injury status how only recently been upgraded to day-to-day.

Speaking about the injury, Shamet notes that the Suns “caught things right before a stress fracture,” per Duane Rankin of The Arizona Republic.

Explaining how the injury could have become more complex, Shamet says “you can kind of play through it and then it’s sore. Then it gets worse and worse and worse and worse and then it eventually it just breaks. Luckily, we caught that early enough, which is a great thing. So that cleared up.”

Shamet also revealed the extent of his foot injury, characterizing it as “soft tissue, inflammation type situations.”

“We worked through it,” Shamet says. “It was frustrating, very frustrating at times. Very gray. Not knowing what exactly the situation was, but our training staff did a good job of trying to identify things and collaborating with me and my team. Trying to figure it out. So, we did a good job and here we are.”

Prior to this season, Shamet had missed 20 or more games in two previous seasons, which may lead to questions about his durability moving forward. Nonetheless, Shamet could play a valuable role for Phoenix as an off-ball threat, particularly when two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant returns.

Shamet shoots 38.9 percent from 3-point range for his career.

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