Is Covid rising in the UK? How many cases there are and what’s behind the increase in infections

The final official figures on cases of Covid-19 have been released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Coronavirus infections in England are at their highest level since the start of the year. Here, i looks at the how Covid infections are impacting the whole of the UK and the factors driving increases in … Read more

Covid press conference scientists would not have agreed with Boris Johnson that work drinks were allowed

Government scientists would not have publicly endorsed any advice by Boris Johnson to businesses during the pandemic that covid guidance allowed them to hold “unsocially distanced farewell gatherings”, i understands. The former prime minister made the claim during his evidence to the Privileges Committee on Wednesday as part of his defence against charges that he … Read more

More than £1bn in Covid business support cash lost to ‘fraud and error’, but only £11m recovered

Only a tiny fraction of the £1.1bn Covid support funds lost to fraud and error was recovered, according to a report by the public spending watchdog. Despite promises from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the losses were not ‘written off’ and government investigators would “go after” those who took unfair advantage of Covid employment support, … Read more

When was the first lockdown? A timeline of Covid restrictions in the UK since 2020 on 3rd anniversary

Thursday 23 March marks three years since Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown, as coronavirus swept the UK. On the first-year anniversary, all four UK nations issued lockdown decrees, after the virus resurged early in 2021, before the vaccine programme had a chance to take effect. Though the Government has long since lifted all Covid … Read more

Covid cases shoot up by 75 per cent in 11 days driven by spring socialising and waning immunity

A new surge in Covid cases is sweeping the UK after cases shot up by nearly 75 per cent in less than a fortnight. It is believed to be driven by increased socialising now that spring has arrived, waning immunity from vaccines and previous infections, as well as a new Omnicron subvariant, known as XXB.1.9.1. … Read more

We don’t think we broke Covid guidance either, say Britons handed lockdown fines

Members of the public who were handed fines for breaching Covid-19 regulations have highlighted how they did not realise they were breaking the guidance, and criticised Boris Johnson as he sought to claim a similar defence in front of MPs. David Wilson, who was fined £1,000 David Wilson Calypso Caribbean Restaurantat his restaurant, said he … Read more

What is a raccoon dog and why is it being linked to COVID-19’s origin? – National

Last week, a team of international researchers shared with the world a discovery possibly linking the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic to a breed of animal in a Wuhan, China wet market: specifically, a raccoon dog. French virologist Florence Débarre of the French National Centre for Scientific Research spotted the information by chance while scouring … Read more

High cost of COVID vaccine decision, revealed

With the Miami Open set to be the last tournament Novak Djokovic misses due to his decision not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, the full financial cost of his controversial move can now be revealed. In a series of setbacks that began with his deportation from Australia last year that saw him miss out on … Read more

How a new app could help ten million Britons with long Covid, asthma and COPD

A new respiratory app to help people manage and monitor long Covid, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) could be available to the public by the end of the year. The app, which developers hope could also help with rehabilitation after chest or abdominal surgery, will be piloted in two separate studies in May … Read more

China reopens to tourists, resumes all visas following COVID-19 lockdowns – National

Descrease article font size Increase article font size China will reopen its borders to tourists and resume issuing all visas Wednesday as it tries to revive tourism and its economy following a three-year halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. China is one of the last major countries to reopen its borders to tourists. The announcement Tuesday … Read more