Starbucks Barista Calls Out Customers Who Try to Get Free Drinks

One of the primary credos of the Starbucks customer experience is that patrons can expect to get their drink made the exact way that they like it, every time. And if you purchase a drink that you’re not happy with, it’s generally understood that you can get that drink remade at no extra cost. In … Read more

Server Says Customers Hate Using QR Code Menus

When the pandemic began, many restaurants switched to using QR codes over physical menus. The thinking behind this change was simple—menus are often reused, which could theoretically increase the risk of viral spread. Having each person use their own phone to look at a menu allegedly reduced the likelihood that the virus could be transferred … Read more

Prepayment energy meter customers will be charged same as those on direct debits, Hunt confirms

Four million families on prepayment meters will no longer be charged more than those paying for their energy via direct debit, the Chancellor has announced in the Budget. Jeremy Hunt said changes would be made to bring prepayment meter costs “in line with comparable with direct debit charges”. “Ofgem has already agreed with suppliers a … Read more

McDonald’s Worker Vents About Managers Pleasing Customers

A McDonald’s worker’s video went viral on TikTok after she shared how it feels when her manager gives in to a customer’s demand. The five-second clip was uploaded by TikTok user Kayley (@username74928263) where she shared how she felt when a manager gives customers what they want despite violating company procedures. “Nah boss I still … Read more

Prepayment meter energy ‘penalty’ to be scrapped, saving customers £45 a year, Hunt to announce

Energy customers with prepayment meters (PPMs) will no longer be charged more for bills than those who pay by direct debit, the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to announce this week. Households with prepayment meters have been subjected to higher bills because the energy regulator Ofgem has said it costs providers more to serve these … Read more

Silicon Valley Bank customers scramble to meet payroll, pay bills

The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has thousands of tech startups wondering what happens now to their millions of dollars in deposits, money market investments and outstanding loans. Most importantly, they’re trying to figure how to pay their employees. “The number one question is, ‘How do you make payroll in the next couple days,’” … Read more