Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons, Hayward Gallery, review: Panic-inducing

These days the phrase “immersive art” evokes a crowd-pleasing entertainment – the art-lite digital offerings of Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo “experiences”. The immersive work of Mike Nelson is not of that ilk. The British installation artist is a doomster. He deals in sensations on the outer edge of conscious thought and rationality: paranoia, déjà … Read more

Painting of Man’s Living Room is Mysteriously in a London Gallery

A man on TikTok was completely baffled when he allegedly discovered an oil painting of his living room was hanging in a London art gallery. The video shows creator Josh (@ps4homescreenmusic1) speaking in front of a green screen showing an Instagram post from the gallery Unit London of a woman looking at the painting in … Read more

Inside Suffolk’s £10 million gallery

Elegant portraits such as The Blue Boy (1770) have made Thomas Gainsborough synonymous with the high-society glamour of 18th-century London and Bath. But the Suffolk town of Sudbury has never forgotten its most celebrated son. The local branch line between Marks Tey and Sudbury is named after him, and from Market Hill, in Sudbury’s town centre, … Read more