GPs considering strike action that could see surgeries close and appointments cancelled

GPs could be left with no other option but to close surgeries for a day and cancel appointments stop after NHS England imposed new changes to their contract without additional funding. Doctors in the British Medical Association objected to new conditions imposed by NHS England in the 2023-24 contract, which include stipulations on greater patient … Read more

The golden health rules GPs swear by, from eating chocolate to ditching lie-ins

Eat more turmeric “I always make sure to take turmeric in the form of a capsule – but you can simply add it to dishes such as curries or even tea,” says Dr Hana Patel. “It’s something my mum always advised me to do. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and keeps me well when I’m seeing … Read more

Pharmacists warn they will struggle to cope as NHS tells patients to avoid GPs for certain illnesses

Pharmacists have warned they will struggle to cope with increased demand driven by the launch of a new NHS England campaign encouraging people with minor illnesses to first seek advice from a pharmacy. On Monday, NHS England’s Help Us Help You adverts highlighting the vital clinical advice, support and over-the-counter medicines that local pharmacists can offer, … Read more

Parkinson’s patients suffer ‘devastating effects’ as GPs switch to cheaper drugs

Parkinson’s patients have been left suffering “devastating effects” as GPs are switching to cheaper drugs with different release rates into the body. Parkinson’s UK issued a warning after a 65-year-old man who had been successfully managing the condition for 17 years suddenly needed help eating and getting dressed after his branded medication Sinemet was changed … Read more

NHS will be ‘no better off’ under Labour than the Tories, say GPs amid backlash over Keir Starmer comments

The NHS will be “no better off” under Labour than the current Government according to frontline medics who have condemned Sir Keir Starmer’s plans for patients to self-refer themselves to specialists. Doctors’ Association UK and GP Survival have written to the Labour leader following his round of media appearances at the weekend highlighting their serious … Read more

How the ‘smart office’ will monitor workers in 2023 with infrared sensors, GPS tracking and voice analysis

Employees can expect to be to monitored at work more than ever in 2023 due to a boom in “smart office” technology such as infrared sensors, GPS tracking and voice analysis. Innovation related to people’s working lives has developed dramatically as a result of the pandemic, with working from home and using video calling software … Read more

GPs are struggling to cope and demand more help from Government

GPs have called on the government to increase NHS 111 and out of hours services to allow surgeries to cope with the extra demand caused by high Strep A infection rates. Worried parents of children with symptoms of Strep A infection are leading to extraordinary pressure on GP appointments, with some surgeries struggling to cope … Read more

Steve Barclay admits GPs may have penicillin shortages while stock is moved around to fight outbreak

The Health Secretary has admitted there may be some supply shortages of antibiotics while stock is moved around to treat cases of Strep A. Steve Barclay said this could happen when there are local surges in demand and stocks are moved around to meet the pressures. But he was insistent there is no issue with … Read more

7 best GPS trackers and devices for kids: Black Friday 2022 Guide

Specifications: Price: $29 or 4 for $99 | Battery life: 1 year | Real-time tracking: No | Monthly spending: No | Connection: Bluetooth, Apple’s Find Network Apple’s AirTags are a quarter the size, and there are tons of accessories you can use to attach a small tracker to your jacket or backpack — or you … Read more