‘Most Handsome Chef V’ trends on Twitter with full force as ARMY goes gaga over his look in Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 5 [VIEW TWEETS]

BTS: ‘Most Handsome Chef V’ trends on Twitter with full force as ARMY goes gaga over his look in Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 5 [VIEW TWEETS] BTS: ‘Most Handsome Chef V’ trends on Twitter with full force as ARMY goes gaga over his look in Jinny’s Kitchen Episode 5 [VIEW TWEETS]

BTS member Jimin reveals feeling ‘lost and depressed’ during the making of Set Me Free Pt 2; spills the mantra over how he controls body weight

BTS members are loved and appreciated in every part of the globe. Jimin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jin and V are among the most famous global celebrities. Fans known as ARMY keep a track of their every movement and every update about any of the septet boys makes fans go crazy. The latest is about … Read more

BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V takes over global trends with sensational photoshoot for Elle Korea; ARMY screams 'sexy, manly, insanely hot' [View Pics]

BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V creates a meltdown on social media with his photoshoot for Elle Korea. These pics are straight out of fanfics of ARMYs

J-Hope and Jimin grooving on Bombay Vikings’ Hawa Main Udti Jaye will set you in the weekend mode

BTS fans very were happy with On The Street, the song featuring J-Hope and J.Cole. The music video was shot in New York. All members of BTS also did Tik Tok challenge for the song. The first one to be out was the one with Jimin. Now, an Indian BTS fan has made that video … Read more

J-Hope refers to SUGA aka Min Yoongi’s fangirl as ‘sister-in-law’ leaving ARMY in splits [Read Tweets]

BTS member J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok will be headed to the military soon. He is the second one to enlist after Kim Seokjin aka Jin. His latest song On The Street a collab with rap icon J Cole has got immense appreciation. The song is his highest charting in the UK. Moreover, many people from … Read more

BTS: Jungkook makes ARMYs emotional with a long Weverse Live; from RM calling him 'Baby' to the Golden Maknae again mentioning Naatu Naatu; here's a recap

BTS: Jungkook does a Weverse Live with three outfit changes as he sips on beer and wine. From saying he wants to enjoy his life a bit to Namjoon calling him baby this was one of a kind

Jungkook floors fans with his cute English-speaking skills on VLive; Namjoon’s sexy verse on Smoke Sprite creates meltdown

BTS fans are having a packed time. With JHope also leaving for enlistment, hearts are heavy. But talking about content, people are literally struggling to keep pace with the developments. From Seokjin aka Jin’s message in the morning to the release of SoYoon and Namjoon’s song Smoke Sprite, there is a lot. Now, Jungkook is … Read more

J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok leaves a girl adorably flustered as he looks into her eyes during the filming of Jay Park’s The Seasons [Watch Video]

BTS rapper and lead dancer J-Hope is truly working hard for ARMY. As we know, he has announced that he has cancelled the deferment of his enlistment. He has said that he intends to go quickly and come back to BTS. His song On The Street has been a personal high for him. He has … Read more

Park Jimin’s bejeweled sensuous look for Vogue Korea has created meltdown on ARMY Twitter; fans say, ‘My heart stopped for a second’

BTS member Jimin is coming out soon with his new album, Face. It has a number of collaborations with top Western producers. He has been busy with the promotions of the same. He has done a photoshoot with Vogue Korea. As we know he is the newly appointed brand ambassador of Dior and Tiffany and … Read more

Jungkook fans wants ARMY to apologize to the maknae; here’s what we know

BTS’ Golden maknae Jungkook has been in the news for many reasons. He gave Indian BTS fans a reason to celebrate when he vibed to Naatu Naatu from RRR on his Weverse Live. Later, he revealed that he was stressed because of the visit of sasaeng outside his gym. ICYMI, Jungkook spotted people waiting to … Read more