Subway Worker Reveals How The Rotisserie Chicken is Prepared

In a viral TikTok, a Subway worker revealed how its rotisserie chicken is prepared, sparking mixed reactions. The video was uploaded by TikTok user @subwayhos who posts Subway content to their 12,000 followers. In this clip, the content creator revealed how the fast-food giant prepares their rotisserie chicken. First, the creator uses a knife to … Read more

Children lured into gangs with free Subway sandwiches in cost of living crisis, charities warn

Children are being lured into county lines drug gangs with free Subway sandwiches and sweets, as traffickers exploit struggling families during the cost of living crisis, charities have told MPs. Children’s charity Barnardo’s said it has seen surge in the number of youngsters being groomed into criminal and sexual exploitation with offers of free food … Read more

DoorDash Driver Harasses Subway Employees Over Late Order

A viral TikTok video shows an angry exchange between a DoorDash driver and several Subway employees. TikTok user @ghettogaragetvv, who appears to have been a Subway customer, filmed the interaction with the DoorDash “Karen” and posted it on TikTok. The recording starts mid-argument with the delivery driver shouting, “I have to have it delivered—why don’t … Read more

Subway Franchisee Says They Pre-Measure Meat Portions

A Subway franchise owner has sparked controversy on TikTok by showing how her store employees pre-measure meat portions. The franchisee, Amanda (@amarx76), recorded herself pre-measuring and weighing meat portions with the caption, “Tips & tricks.” She says she does this to ensure that every customer gets the same quantity of meat. In the video, Amanda … Read more

Sandwich chain Subway is exploring a possible sale

Sandwich big Subway confirmed Tuesday it’s exploring a doable sale. A deal may worth the chain at greater than $10 billion, in line with report final month from the Wall Street Journal report, which first reported the corporate had advisors to discover a sale. Subway mentioned Tuesday JP Morgan is advising the Connecticut-based firm and … Read more

Watch: Rat Crawls On A Sleeping Man On New York Subway, Internet Stunned

Within the clip, a rat seems out of nowhere and begins climbing the legs of a passenger After a full day’s work, folks normally get drained and search for locations to take a fast energy nap earlier than heading house. A bus or metro is the proper place for some to fall asleep. The same … Read more

Subway Customer Says Veggie Footlong Cost Her Over $16

A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming they paid $23.46 AUD (around $16.78 USD) for a footlong Subway sandwich containing only veggies — and “it wasn’t even good.” In a video with over 190,000 views, TikTok user @spillthechai shows off the menu of the restaurant before showing the sandwich itself. The listed price … Read more