‘They leave me with a dime for a tip’: Applebee’s worker says she got fired after complaining about customer on Facebook

A former Applebee’s worker (@evilherbivorre) has gone viral on TikTok after recounting their experience of getting fired from their first job—due to a post on Facebook. The worker, who had been at the restaurant for three years, was reportedly never written up and had a spotless record. However, she says a particularly difficult Sunday led … Read more

Starbucks Employee Says Customer Asked to Refund His Tip

A Starbucks employee and TikToker has sparked debate after claiming that a customer asked him to refund a $2 tip. In a video with over 201,000 views, TikTok user Joaquin (@dovvatok) asks fellow Starbucks employees for advice on how to refund a tip after recently having trouble doing so. According to Joaquin, they were working … Read more

Server Humbled After Customer Didn’t Give Her $19 Tip

A customer quickly humbled—and embarrassed—a restaurant worker after asking for all of his change back. A short video, which explained the situation in more detail, was posted to TikTok by user Maggie (@maggie_gleek), the server. As of Monday morning, her clip had over 2.7 million views.  @maggie_gleek #DoritosTriangleTryout #fyp #servertok ♬ original sound – user57246212142 … Read more

DoorDash Driver Says She Got $0.06 Tip for Papa John’s Delivery

A DoorDash driver and user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming they are no longer accepting cash orders from the app following an incident. In a video with over 53,000 views, TikTok user Abby (@suziehomewrecker) recounts her experience doing a cash delivery. According to Abby, she received a cash order for pizza from Papa … Read more

Chad Johnson drops $1,000 tip to server rocking with Bengals

Former NFL star Chad Johnson is back to his generous ways, this time dropping a $1000 tip to a server rocking with the Cincinnati Bengals. Ahead of the Bengals’ Sunday Night Football showdown with the Baltimore Ravens, Johnson took a trip to Cincinnati on Saturday and went into a local bar called Holy Grail. On … Read more

Why Andrew Bridgen’s dangerous Holocaust tweet is the tip of the Covid misinformation iceberg

The issue speaks to symptoms of a wider problem around how false information still pervades politics and the public January 14, 2023 12:00 pm Although the pandemic is not over, it is much more under control thanks to vaccines. Unfortunately, the Covid “infodemic” – where misinformation about the virus and vaccines is being spread – … Read more

DoorDash Driver Confronts Customers Who Don’t Tip Him

A DoorDash driver has gone viral on TikTok for confronting multiple customers who tipped too little or didn’t tip at all. The driver, who calls himself DashingTrader (@dashingtrader), makes a point of calling out non-tippers on his TikTok. In his bio, he calls himself the “fastest Dasher alive” and adds that he confronts “NO Tip … Read more

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