Starbucks Worker Caught for Making 6 Frappuccinos in Batch

A Starbucks worker used TikTok to share that her manager caught her making six Frappuccinos in a batch. The video has received over 770,00 views since posted on Wednesday by Andrea (@pinkfinaldream). In the video, she holds a blender filled with ice-blended coffee next to six empty Starbucks cups. @pinkfinaldream This stunt was performed by … Read more

U.S. aid worker, French journalist freed after years held hostage in West Africa – National

An American aid worker held by Islamic extremists in West Africa for more than six years and a French journalist abducted almost two years ago were both freed Monday, authorities said. They were brought together to Niger’s capital. U.S. officials said no ransom had been paid for aid worker Jeffery Woodke, praising Niger’s government for … Read more

Worker Calls Out Indeed for Mishandling Her Resume

A Houston-based TikToker reached out to a company after wondering why she didn’t get an interview for a job she felt was perfect for her. In a TikTok video, she says she discovered Indeed didn’t send her resume to the company despite applying through the online job-hunting service. The TikTok is from creator @kiahsvendsen and … Read more

When security worker strikes are planned in Easter 2023 and what it means for flights

UK holidaymakers using Heathrow Airport this Easter have been warned of “severe delays and disruption” as security guards plan to strike in a dispute over pay. The 10-day walkout will coincide with the Easter weekend and part of the Easter school break for families across the UK. More than 1,4000 security guards employed by Heathrow … Read more

Ex-Dollar General Worker Claims Store Was Infested with Rats

A TikTok video featuring a former employee of a Dollar General store has gone viral after she claimed that the store was infested with rats. The video was posted by a self-proclaimed “serial job hopper” who wanted to share some of her “unhinged moments” while working at the store. In the video posted on Mar. … Read more

Subway Worker Reveals How The Rotisserie Chicken is Prepared

In a viral TikTok, a Subway worker revealed how its rotisserie chicken is prepared, sparking mixed reactions. The video was uploaded by TikTok user @subwayhos who posts Subway content to their 12,000 followers. In this clip, the content creator revealed how the fast-food giant prepares their rotisserie chicken. First, the creator uses a knife to … Read more

Worker Getting Paid $2.13/hr Says He’s Forced to Clean

If you’ve ever worked as a server, you’ve probably heard something to the effect of, “If you’re standing, you could be cleaning.” However, as many servers can attest, there isn’t always something to clean. In these cases, many servers have found themselves performing tasks seemingly without need just to keep management happy. In other cases, … Read more

TikTokers Defend Video of a Barefoot, Pregnant Wendy’s Worker

No shoes, no shirt, no service. These are the rules customers have to follow at most fast-food establishments. But what about the workers?  A TikToker (@capitalpaparazzi) brought Wendy’s health codes into question after they recorded a video of an employee at a Virginia location who appeared to be barefoot and pregnant. The user let the … Read more

McDonald’s Worker Vents About Managers Pleasing Customers

A McDonald’s worker’s video went viral on TikTok after she shared how it feels when her manager gives in to a customer’s demand. The five-second clip was uploaded by TikTok user Kayley (@username74928263) where she shared how she felt when a manager gives customers what they want despite violating company procedures. “Nah boss I still … Read more

Worker Gets Written Up After Calling in Sick with No Doctor’s Note

A worker says that her boss demands a doctor’s note from workers as soon as they call out sick, pointing out that it’s almost impossible to get a same-day appointment in a now-viral TikTok. In the video posted by TikToker Squidd ( on Mar. 10, she explains that she doesn’t have health insurance, which leaves … Read more